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Friday, September 24, 2010

YTCracker and Hairetsu - ______ every day

warning: this is a mixtape aka it isn't very refined and you'll probably hate it.
on the plus side, it definitely goes back to the guerilla roots of spamtec.

YTCracker & Hairetsu

Here's something from a little farther back. 
It's my boy YTcrack, download his album and peep his tracks
This one aint the best, better than the rest
so click on the album and put it to the test

Nuff said

Track List
1. I am so Fucked up
2. Life is an inbox
3. Warm up
4. All I do is win (youtube video below)
5. How Low
6. Spam
7. I made it
8. I'm a spammer
9. Whatever
10. Out here grindin
11. Where we standing
12. Issac Kneeton
13. That's the homie
14. Come around
15. Natural Born Spammuhz

All I do is Win (personal favorite)


  1. hmm a little to negative for me!

    nice post! I'm sure others will like it

  2. Negative? Ytcracker is not negative, he's a realist. This album is studio compared to the original spamtec crew, but it sounds like tin cans on string compared to his studio work.

  3. wow.. some good shit here... waiting for your nest post, bro