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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bazuuka Joe - The Red Pill

Click art to Download free album
At last… the long anticipated album from Nerdcore Hip-Hop sensation Bazuuka Joe has been released!! This free full length LP features 13 BRAND NEW tracks!
Part autobiography, partly based on the geeked out mythos behind the popular “Matrix” film franchise… this album delivers and will satisfy both the Nerdcore and Hip-Hop fans alike.
Painstakingly mixed and mastered by the HT of EMPulse Records, this album features many original, one of a kind beats from the brilliant crew at Black Contingency Productions!
What are the critics saying about The Red Pill?

“Joe not only raps well, but writes with genuine insight and conviction. Whether he’s channeling his inner fanboy or pondering his culture, Bazuuka Joe does it with both power and finesse… I find myself in the fortunate position of being a brand new Bazuuka Joe convert just waiting for more. Take The Red Pill when it drops… to see what I mean.” – Z., Hipster, Please!

 (running time 48:07)
1. The Choice…
2. 24-A-Pop Revisited (ft. The Ranger and Fatty Goodness)
3. The Red Pill
4. Come Equipped (ft. KPX)
5. Revenge
6. Zion, Hear Me!
7. The Last Human City (ft. Chris Williams)
8. Keep Flyyin’ (ft. Jod1)
9. Built 4 This
10. DarkSideClassic
11. Wreckless (ft. A-Dub)
12. To The Fullest (ft Deafinition)
13. The Gong Show
Are you willing to take a chance? Choose The Red Pill now…


  1. I CLICKED it, and wow i'm having everyone follow me around trying to bug me about my music. Good find my man.

  2. Nerdcore goooood stuff.

    Ever heard of bomberjet?

  3. Oooh, cool =o

  4. nice looking forward to more posts, keep it up
    laters mate

  5. I never could turn down a free red pill... Oh god, the mirror is melting.

    Following you daily, mate, love the blog so far. Keep it up, and hope to hear from you again soon :)

  6. Grreat songs man, looking forward to more!