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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chilla Jones Is the Juggernaut, BITCH!

Chilla Jones - The Juggernaut (Mixed By DJ 2Thirteen)

The intro threw me off a bit at first, but after it got going I warmed up to the style. To my surprise as the album continued, I began to notice the familiar stylings similar to Mr. Mathers. Yet, It was original, and not a carbon copy, so there is no need for the REAL slim shady to stand up (sit your ass down Marshall). Then ever so quickly it switched up to something more along the lines of the ranger but still unique. The Marshall styling only becomes more apparent in the end of “I’m Back Freestyle� with the Eminem sample. “Let You Down� Has an epic feel to it that reminds me more of the mainstream sound that so many have fallen in love with. Then right after is a throw down with “Mash Up� that left me wanting more. Stop & Go is my type of hip hop. A simple hook, exceptional verses, and good rhyme scheme certainly comes together VERY well to create one ill track. Overall, my favorite track has to be Psycho, reminds me of Eminem in both the beat and lyrical content.

In short, this album is made up of the kind of stuff that successful singles are made of, Auto-tune, catchy hooks, and an easy to identify sound.

To elaborate; Chilla has a nice emotion behind his rhymes that sets them apart from most amateur rappers that reminds me of the freestyling in the neighborhoods I used to live near when I was younger, and I have always had admiration for them, but, this album isn’t really nerdcore, it’s more like a mix between nerdcore and modern gangsta. The audio quality is very high; the tracks were gapless and the album seamlessly went from song to song. It was almost exceptional except for that ever annoying yet ever present “DJ2THIRTEEN!� in the background going right over the lyrics that reminds me of a bad mp3 download of more commercial rap. I liked the sound clip at the beginning of “I don’t give a fuck�, but I do wish it was a little longer, like a skit or story, Just something to help break up the monotony of the music. While the music was very varied in style I found it still melted together like a metal album, with no break from start to end (with exception to any “hidden� tracks). I enjoyed this album very much, all of the songs are great to exceptional, but I wish they were delivered just a little bit better.


I'd burn a couple copies to give out to people, it has the potential of being a personal all time favorite

Keep up the originality, good job, and I'm looking forward to your next albums/ projects in the future Chilla Jones and 2Thirteen.


  1. interesting blog dude.. looking forward to future updates :)

  2. Thanks. I'll probably check them out.

  3. Well, not my cup of tea, but I'll take a look at new posts :>

  4. great stuff, spread the love man