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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alt + F4 My Life - Untested Methods

Alt+F4 My Life
Untested Methods
Also featuring: Karmageddon and Gl1tch.

Describing this album is a tough task. Imagine a world where there are living, breathing 8 Bit Nintendos walking around. Now imagine what those Nintendos listen to on their college radio stations. It’s one-third that. Some of those Nintendos are in the back of a hard rock concert, making out (probably by blowing in each other’s cartridge slots). That’s another third of the sound. The last third of the vibe resembles a lonely, heartbroken Nintendo laying on its bedroom floor with headphones on, listening to songs of love while wishing they had someone that felt the same way. Alt+F4 My Life is electronic in nature, but ends up being composed of many different genres. The oldschool synth-band-style Pop crooning mixed with Rock and Hip Hop cadences is truly a standout presence, and with all of the references to geek culture and emotional songs straight from the heart, this album is guaranteed to speak to you on some if not all levels.

01 – Fathom the Stars
02 – RAT 21 POW 20
03 – First Edition
04 – I DONT HAS PASSWORD (a Blue Bomber’s Lament)
05 – Tabletop Nerds
06 – (The Internet is) So Dramatic!
07 – Hold Your Head Down (feat. Karmageddon)
08 – It Won’t Be the Same
09 – Killing Fields
10 – Nervous (feat. Gl1tch)
11 – Move Out
12 – Legacy of 1989
13 – Arcade

All tracks were written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Untested Methods in his home studio, with the exception of guest verses by Karmageddon and Gl1tch.


  1. i also imagine my music folder as a representation of my life, i like something to relate to ;]

  2. Nice blog man, love the nerdcore love. I've been on RT for years, even shower up on a couple albums. Peep the 'Hidalgos' link in my profile, something I recorded with Karmageddon, Whoremoans, and Bazuuka Joe.

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