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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mission Statement

You may have stumbled across this blog by random, looked it over and thought "so, what the fuck is this shit about?", here's a brief answer for you. I am Vuh Nilla, you can call me Nilla, or whatever you think is clever at the time. I will be posting whatever catches my attention. I'm a music buff, particulalry NerdCore Hip Hop, I'm a gamer, a tech enthusiast, and all around jack of trades. I've been creating music since I was in grade school, and don't plan on quitting until at least the moment I cannot breathe anymore.

Warning: This Blog is very take it or leave it, you don't like the content, then close the window.


  1. Sounds like I'm gonna enjoy this blog. I will definitely be checking back for more content!

  2. Yeah, most of the reviews I will put up are for free albums. I just got a couple of boxes up, so I'm gonna start recording some again, too :O !

  3. Interesting post, really enjoyed it.