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Monday, November 1, 2010

XoC - Compendium of Knowledge

Compendium of Knowledge 



Where should I start on this one? I'd rather skip the rambling spoken word intro simply because of the stumbly nature of some of the poetry, but it does lead in very well to the track Compendium of Knowledge. The beats are mixed with the vocals very well, and the guest rappers throuhout the album gives a good balance of styles that make nerdcore the unique genre it is. The variance of styles in the background beats helps relieve the "monotony" that most people can't avoid in a full album, very well played XoC :) . The lyrical content shifts over an array of topics from daily life and loathing work, to sexual "stage fright", the big brother nature of google, and the internet in general and the government "decideing we no longer need the internet" and banning it, by penalty of death.




Has an excellent replay value, and I will definantly be keeping my eye out for XoC in the future. 


Track listing:

1- The Rambling Spoken Word Intro
2 - Compendium of Knowledge
3 - A Day in the Life feat Fritz Charleston
4 - All Falls
5 - Internet is Watching feat Milk+, Bun-Z and a cadre of help from RT peeps
6 - No Nookie
7 - Telephone Skit (Ex-Girlfriend)
8 - Mean Girls feat Fritz Charleston and Bun-Z
9 - Wordcore Wordplay
10 - 1786 in Canada feat Rappy McRapperson
11 - Telephone Skit (Asswipe Friend)
12 - Long Lonely Journey
13 - Issues 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

After a short hiatus,

Nilla is back!

Sorry for the wait guys, had a busy last month or so and was unable to devote my time here, but I will be back posting regularly as soon as I can.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alt + F4 My Life - Untested Methods

Alt+F4 My Life
Untested Methods
Also featuring: Karmageddon and Gl1tch.

Describing this album is a tough task. Imagine a world where there are living, breathing 8 Bit Nintendos walking around. Now imagine what those Nintendos listen to on their college radio stations. It’s one-third that. Some of those Nintendos are in the back of a hard rock concert, making out (probably by blowing in each other’s cartridge slots). That’s another third of the sound. The last third of the vibe resembles a lonely, heartbroken Nintendo laying on its bedroom floor with headphones on, listening to songs of love while wishing they had someone that felt the same way. Alt+F4 My Life is electronic in nature, but ends up being composed of many different genres. The oldschool synth-band-style Pop crooning mixed with Rock and Hip Hop cadences is truly a standout presence, and with all of the references to geek culture and emotional songs straight from the heart, this album is guaranteed to speak to you on some if not all levels.

01 – Fathom the Stars
02 – RAT 21 POW 20
03 – First Edition
04 – I DONT HAS PASSWORD (a Blue Bomber’s Lament)
05 – Tabletop Nerds
06 – (The Internet is) So Dramatic!
07 – Hold Your Head Down (feat. Karmageddon)
08 – It Won’t Be the Same
09 – Killing Fields
10 – Nervous (feat. Gl1tch)
11 – Move Out
12 – Legacy of 1989
13 – Arcade

All tracks were written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Untested Methods in his home studio, with the exception of guest verses by Karmageddon and Gl1tch.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rappy McRapperson & MC Wreckshin - The 2nd Best Mixtape Ever

The 2nd Best Mixtape Ever
Rappy McRapperson and MC Wreckshin
Released online September 2010
Let’s just start this off by saying you are totally not ready for what lies inside this download. Long time nerdcore rappers (As heard on some of the first RhymeTorrents released mixtaxpes) Rappy McRapperson and MC Wreckshin are at it again! Rappy McRapperson, the internet famous goofball gangsta that wears only the freshest backpacks has combined forces with MC Wreckshin, large-bearded frontman of Orlando’s top Nerdcore presence, Emergency Pizza Party. The result? Complete and total rap star anarchy sure to make you remember all of the goofy and glorious splendor the internet has to offer. You can swim in some money like Scrooge McDuck, run from your lives from robotic pandas, hustle hard to take care of your nails, and even learn how to properly blow dudes. Prepare to laugh your ass off for this whole release… But at the same time, you’ll catch yourself dancing, singing along, and bobbing your head! Is this comedy Hip Hop, or an honest take on how ridiculous rap has really gotten over the years? 

You be the judge.

01 – Super Intro
02 – Swimming In the Money
03 – Show Me How to Blow Dudes
04 – Robotic Pandas
05 – Double Rainbow
06 – Cool Story, Bro
07 – Modeling and Dancing In Space
08 – The Ice – Fire Connection
09 – Hustle Hard for Manicures and Pedicures
10 – Mediocre Outro

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Id Obelus - The Jabberbox

Id Obelus

Id Obelus, the self proclaimed rap nerd, is back with his homage to "collage rap". The hit single "I love rap", which was featured in the ipod touch game "B-Boy Hits. the Jabberbox features an all star cast of m.c.’s, producers, dj’s, and everyday good people who assist Id Obelus in creating a mixtape style album of raw rap music unlike you’ve ever heard. (feat. DJ Bizkid, Ace Ha, Selfhelp, Nomar Slevik, A.C.E.O.N.E., N-AFEK, Richard Cook, and many more)". The album has a wicked flow, as well as "potty humor", bizarre thoughts, and at times, and intellectual juxtaposition, and overwhelming since of irony and sarcasm.

Two thumbs up on my end here

The video is a shitty live recording, but the lyrics come through well

Id Obelus - I love Rap (live)

Friday, September 24, 2010

YTCracker and Hairetsu - ______ every day

warning: this is a mixtape aka it isn't very refined and you'll probably hate it.
on the plus side, it definitely goes back to the guerilla roots of spamtec.

YTCracker & Hairetsu

Here's something from a little farther back. 
It's my boy YTcrack, download his album and peep his tracks
This one aint the best, better than the rest
so click on the album and put it to the test

Nuff said

Track List
1. I am so Fucked up
2. Life is an inbox
3. Warm up
4. All I do is win (youtube video below)
5. How Low
6. Spam
7. I made it
8. I'm a spammer
9. Whatever
10. Out here grindin
11. Where we standing
12. Issac Kneeton
13. That's the homie
14. Come around
15. Natural Born Spammuhz

All I do is Win (personal favorite)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bazuuka Joe - The Red Pill

Click art to Download free album
At last… the long anticipated album from Nerdcore Hip-Hop sensation Bazuuka Joe has been released!! This free full length LP features 13 BRAND NEW tracks!
Part autobiography, partly based on the geeked out mythos behind the popular “Matrix” film franchise… this album delivers and will satisfy both the Nerdcore and Hip-Hop fans alike.
Painstakingly mixed and mastered by the HT of EMPulse Records, this album features many original, one of a kind beats from the brilliant crew at Black Contingency Productions!
What are the critics saying about The Red Pill?

“Joe not only raps well, but writes with genuine insight and conviction. Whether he’s channeling his inner fanboy or pondering his culture, Bazuuka Joe does it with both power and finesse… I find myself in the fortunate position of being a brand new Bazuuka Joe convert just waiting for more. Take The Red Pill when it drops… to see what I mean.” – Z., Hipster, Please!

 (running time 48:07)
1. The Choice…
2. 24-A-Pop Revisited (ft. The Ranger and Fatty Goodness)
3. The Red Pill
4. Come Equipped (ft. KPX)
5. Revenge
6. Zion, Hear Me!
7. The Last Human City (ft. Chris Williams)
8. Keep Flyyin’ (ft. Jod1)
9. Built 4 This
10. DarkSideClassic
11. Wreckless (ft. A-Dub)
12. To The Fullest (ft Deafinition)
13. The Gong Show
Are you willing to take a chance? Choose The Red Pill now…