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Monday, November 1, 2010

XoC - Compendium of Knowledge

Compendium of Knowledge 



Where should I start on this one? I'd rather skip the rambling spoken word intro simply because of the stumbly nature of some of the poetry, but it does lead in very well to the track Compendium of Knowledge. The beats are mixed with the vocals very well, and the guest rappers throuhout the album gives a good balance of styles that make nerdcore the unique genre it is. The variance of styles in the background beats helps relieve the "monotony" that most people can't avoid in a full album, very well played XoC :) . The lyrical content shifts over an array of topics from daily life and loathing work, to sexual "stage fright", the big brother nature of google, and the internet in general and the government "decideing we no longer need the internet" and banning it, by penalty of death.




Has an excellent replay value, and I will definantly be keeping my eye out for XoC in the future. 


Track listing:

1- The Rambling Spoken Word Intro
2 - Compendium of Knowledge
3 - A Day in the Life feat Fritz Charleston
4 - All Falls
5 - Internet is Watching feat Milk+, Bun-Z and a cadre of help from RT peeps
6 - No Nookie
7 - Telephone Skit (Ex-Girlfriend)
8 - Mean Girls feat Fritz Charleston and Bun-Z
9 - Wordcore Wordplay
10 - 1786 in Canada feat Rappy McRapperson
11 - Telephone Skit (Asswipe Friend)
12 - Long Lonely Journey
13 - Issues 

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  1. this cover looks more like a video game than an album lolol